The Neighbourhood


@ VDL Stanley is located on Tasmania’s breathtaking North-West Coast and based in the quaint fishing village of Stanley at the base of an extinct Volcano commonly known as the Nut, this is also where the region and municipality gets it’s name Circular Head from.

The Nut is a significant landmark that shadows our quaint little town at over 150 meters.

Stanley boasts an array of tantalizing restaurants and great little shops and cafes and is certainly the jewel in the crown on the North West coast. Once the base for the Van Diemen’s Land Company now a thriving tourism destination.

Prime minister Joseph Lyons was actually born in Stanley, and located right on VDL’s backdoor is the small little cottage that he called home. Make sure you put on your to do list a visit and chat to one of the lovely volunteers.

In 2014 Stanley was transformed into the town that featured in the movie “Light between Oceans” Many cast a crew descended on Stanley with nearly the whole town being recruited as extras for the movie. It was the perfect backdrop for this early 1900 movie based just after WWI and set to be a blockbuster from DreamWorks .

The Light Between Oceans Based on the bestselling novel by M. L. Stedman, Filmed in Stanley

From Stanley you can venture out into the country side and explore the Tarkine Wilderness on the Tarkine Road or Head towards the Far West Coast to Arthur River to the point we call the Edge of The World, this is the longest expanse of uninterrupted ocean on the planet.

The Arthur River is a must and a visit here is not complete without a cruise on the George Robinson. Not far back along the coast is the small town of Marrawah where the cows graze on the rolling hills only meters from the beach and the West Coast Surf Classic is held here every year.

Our Neighbourhood is so very diverse and every turn is worth exploring so get out there!





Contemplate days from a distant past and let your senses savour the present. Climb a extinct volcano, set foot on ancient shores, meeting amazing animals. Breathe the worlds freshest air in a ancient rain forest.

Stanley is home to many great restaurants and cafes. Whether you spend Stanley’s abundant daylight hours in the Tarkine, climbing the Nut or exploring the edge of the world, your tummy is sorted.

Stanley offers many unique opportunities for shopping. Whether you are looking for an example of original Tasmanian Art, or an exquisite piece of homemade jewellery you are sure to find something to appeal.