@VDL Stanley has a rich history providing a gentle resting place for travellers. Standing on the furthest shores of North West Tasmania, this bluestone warehouse dating from 1843 is now enjoying a new era as a warm home for a local Tasmanian family. 

In true Tasmanian spirit, the old-world splendour that @VDL was known for has now been reborn as the Ship Inn Stanley – a gracious neighbour that shares its richly poignant history. Built in the same decade, these two wonderful old dames stand intertwined with tales of merchant sailors, local shipwrecks and colonial English gentry. 

The Ship Inn Stanley remains gazing quietly out to sea, just as she has for over 170 years. Nestled between the bay beyond and the rocky landscape of The Nut, her interior masks even greater delights. Reborn in 2019 as a luxury storytelling hotel, the Ship Inn is the perfect escape for the spirited traveller. Choose from seven luxury storytelling suites, each within their own unique tale from a bygone era. 

Thank you for following the trail to @VDL. A warm welcome now awaits you at the Ship Inn Stanley. 



You just know when you park out front that @VDL is something ‘special’. I can’t begin to mention the gorgeousness of this place.

— Guest Review