Established in the early 1800s, Stanley’s streetscape is lined with genteel, colonial buildings and fine cafés. Stanley is Circular Head’s premier tourism town and a walk down the main street is akin to walking through living history.

Stanley was the base for Van Diemen’s Land Company operations in the region. The VDL Co. itself began in 1825 by Royal Charter under King George IV, who granted the company rights to a huge tract of unsettled land in North West Tasmania.

Edward Curr, the first VDL Co. Chief Agent, arrived in Stanley in August 1826 and in October the same year, indentured convicts from Hobart, stud livestock, implements and craftsmen began arriving in the settlement. Over the following decades the VDL Co. surveyed, explored and developed North West Tasmania.

Looming over the historic town is the affectionately named ‘Nut’, the solidified lava lake of a long extinct volcano. Visitors can walk up a steep, challenging path to the summit or take a leisurely chairlift ride. Either way, 360° views await, as far as the eye can see.